Friday, March 5, 2010


Lindenwood had a digital art contest and I entered some of my pictures in it. Students (both graduate and undergrad) submitted animations, graphic designs, digital prints, and photographs. The judges were every selective and only chose about 5 photographs to be on display in Lindenwood's art gallery, and mine was one of them!!
I can not begin to describe to you the feeling of looking at your photograph hanging in an art gallery. I could not thank God enough for this opportunity... I am so humbled! After I found out one of my photos were selected I went to look at it. I went alone and stood and looked at the picture I had seen a hundred times before but in that moment it never looked more beautiful. Looking at the picture was pure worship...
I thank God everyday for the love for photography he has given me, and I am so grateful for this opportunity he put in my life!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

{Camera Day!}

I was going through a dry spell when I took these pictures. I hadn't taken a photograph in months and the night before I took them I told myself I was going to wake up and carry my camera with me everywhere I went that day... needless to say I got some pretty.... "interesting" pictures. I should not be taking pictures before 7 am... they were not very good! Despite my bad luck that morning I was able to come out of my little experiment with a few good shots! Here are some of my favorites!