Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{Dream Big}

So I am sitting here trying to not over load my brain with information. I have been keeping myself burred in my studies, and I am loving the results I am getting. I am really learning and I love it.

I have just recently moved to a place. Far from any place I conciser to be home. Being here has completely torn from anything I love to do, and from many of the people I love. I have been thrown into a completely new mix of people, and most of whom oppose my views in life completely. I have come very close to a break down, closer than I have ever come before. i have been abandoned and hurt. Yet, I have not allowed myself to give up.

I have come far enough in my life to understand enough of who I am and how to keep it alive in even the most horrible of circumstances. This is am so very proud of. I have not lost my optimism, my faith in people or my hope. This place is not the end of me. I will still love people and nature. I will continue to dream. And I will not let anything or anyone tell me that this world is not beautiful. I am not going to be overcome by the pessimistic view. so, i will continue to have hope, and laugh until it hurts. I will hike along the polluted river and find the beauty in the mud. If that is what it takes to keep my soul alive, that is what I will do.